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Play to earn shouldn’t
cost a lot to start

The Play to Earn concept in the game industry offers benefits to all the players who add value by contributing to the development and popularization of the game. Moonpoly is not an exception. However, we establish a completely different innovative approach for players.

Common practice demonstrates that starting price increases following the growth of the project’s value. It causes problems for many players that want to start but miss the opportunity to join the game with the most attractive conditions. Moonpoly gives players the freedom to choose the entry barrier. Sounds fantastic.

Mass adoption


Moonpoly will become a trendsetter in the crypto community. We designed and implemented a unique system that gives players a chance to participate in the game without prior registration. We call it a trial introduction to the Moonpoly world. This option allows you to get acquainted with the game interface and processes. Besides, at the end of the game, an unregistered player will get stats of the potential gained $CMP Tokens and the equivalent in $USD.

The Moonpoly game offers a unique chance to immerse the crypto community and learn how to earn and guarantee stable passive income, get acquainted with crypto terminology, and find out how to invest in crypto, create a wallet or understand what Binance Smart Chain is.

We created Moonpoly to make crypto more accessible for people and expand the knowledge about it in the most entertaining way. Earning crypto is easy, try it.

Moonbox & Moonpass

With the Beta release game, New features such as Moonpass and Moonbox will be introduced to the game.

The Moonbox is a virtual chest containing various items that can be used in the Moonpoly game. These can be skins, buff cards, emotions, or even new rare NFTs, and other in-game stuff. The contents of the Moonbox may affect the progress of the game. Moonbox can be earned for winning games and expeditions, also Moonbox can be purchased for CMP.

Moonpass is a seasonal game event where players earn points and advances through the different stages. A different high-level reward is available for players with active Moonpass, each season different rewards! Moonpass can be bought for CMP.

All rewards that players will be able to get in Moonboxes and Moonpass will be tradeable. Players will be able to sell or buy it on Moonpoly Marketplace.